"SOS" #1 in the US; New Video Premiered on Billboard

TGS Billboard.png

This movement is just getting started. Thank you.

The Glorious Sons Score First Mainstream Rock Songs No. 1 With 'S.O.S.' via Billboard

I think the reason this song is connecting and resonating with people is because it’s about real issues that we all face, it’s a sign of the times. It’s time for the genre to get back to its roots, and I’m not talking about the sonics. Rock n Roll should be dangerous, it should be rebellious, and has to start making people think again.
— Brett Emmons
We spent most of the last year on the road, and we really didn’t have much time to make a scripted video. There were a couple of other ideas bouncing around, but I think in the end this video is the best representation of who The Glorious Sons are and what we are about.
— Brett Emmons