Over seventy days on the road and thousands of fans across two countries. What do we do with ourselves now? America, Canada, friends, fans: we cannot thank you enough for making this tour so special. We were told to get jobs and keep up with everyone around us. We were told to go to school and write essays, learn algebra and be athletes. We wrote what we wanted and began chasing a dream around, and the support we've received has made our lives more fulfilling than one could ever imagine.

A large thank you to friends in The Poor Young Things and Northcote. They are two of the best bands our country has to offer, and some of most genuine, kind people we have met. Thank you to the crew members, Brendan, Ryley, Jon, and Brodie. They worked tirelessly every night and probably had a little less fun than the rest of us. But most of all, Thank you, fans. We would be nothing and nowhere without you. We will be taking some time off to write and get re-acquainted with "life", but we will be back to see you again soon.

Until next time, 
Thank you amigos.

Ian StangerComment